Health and Safety

Excloosive is committed to ensuring a working environment that is safe, and without risk to the health of our employees and to other personnel working with our products


It is the policy of Excloosive Ltd to:

  1. Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements on matters pertaining to health and safety with our loo's in accordance with the most recent legislation.
  2. Ensure that health are given top priority and are incorporated into business decision making and job planning at all levels.
  3. Ensure that all facilities and equipments are operated, maintained and are modified ,wherever necessary, ensuring health and quality at all times.
  4. Ensure that all equipments are safe and regularly inspected as required by agovernment authorized inspector and certified legally safe for operation.
  5. Ensure that proper health and safety rules and procedures are in place and arefollowed by all employees and personnel on site and on field work.